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Do You Still Need To Install An IPTV Set-Top Box On Your Smart TV?

Although the time we spend watching TV is getting shorter because it is almost occupied by computers, tablets, and mobile phones. However, TV is still one of the essential hardware in the family. The speed of TV development is not as rapid as that of mobile phones, but it has also made considerable progress in the department such as video systems, sound systems, etc. This type of TV Collectively referred to an as smart TV. So, the question is, smart TVs already have strong scalability (Android system), is using IPTV set-top boxes on a smart TV necessary?  Below, we will be answering his question by analyzing it from the pros and cons to see which angle is more suitable for your choice.

Significance of Using IPTV Set-Top Boxes On a Smart TV

Let’s take a look at the good of not installing a set-top box on a smart TV! It is undeniable that both smart TVs and set-top boxes use Android systems.
However, there are overlaps in functionality between the two. Repeated purchases of redundant hardware products amount to waste.

Argument Against Installing an Android IPTV Set-top Box On Your Smart TV

  1. The first  of not installing a set-top box is cost savings; young people’s acceptance of new things is faster than the elderly.
  2. Ease of Operation: Sadly, It happens that the largest user group of TV is the elderly. Compared with a single smart TV, the addition of a set-top box will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the operation and is not conducive to the use of elderly users (I The TV is often confused with the remote control of the set-top box). For the same reason, from the perspective of maintenance, the use of multiple devices means more points of failure, and troubleshooting will be more time-consuming.

 Installing a Set-Top Box on A Smart TV

  1. Saving Cost of Replacing The Smart TV:  Any hardware will have a decline cycle. After two or three years, will smart TV hardware still be able to meet the current video playback needs? Especially there will be a span of upgrades, such as the promotion of 4K high-definition video. If it is not cost-effective to replace a smart TV at this moment, buying a relatively low-priced set-top box can not reduce our expenditures, and can improve the overall performance of the smart TV (perhaps it should not be said to improve the performance of the smart TV vis-a-vis our viewing experience.
  2. Since Smart TVs and set-top boxes belong to different equipment manufacturers. The former pays more attention to the comprehensive performance of the TV. Video resources are only one part of it. On the contrary, set-top box manufacturers pay more attention to the construction of video resources. After all, this is one of its main selling points. Therefore, when you have different needs for content resources, it is also one of the reasons to buy a set-top box.
  3. In addition, there is a kind of set-top box that must be mentioned, that is, the internet data operator’s IPTV set-top box. In order to ensure that there will not be a large loss of existing users, operators will use integrated marketing strategies to bind users. For example, if you use a mobile network of a certain operator, you promise not to be less than the tariff, bandwidth and IPTV video can be used for free. In this case, should I directly use smart TVs or operators’ IPTV set-top boxes? One can look at the hardware difference between the two, at this stage who has the better performance; one is to look at the quality of the content resources between the two, who reproduces your viewing taste; the other is the impact on network bandwidth, operation Commercial IPTV set-top boxes do not occupy your bandwidth resources, but have independent links.


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