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Iceland's trial of four-day-a-week pay is accused of "great success"

According to the report, the pilot system was carried out in Iceland between 2015 and 2019, with shorter working hours but no change in pay. The city council of Reykjavik and the Icelandic government implement the system and hope to observe how the efficiency of a total of 2500 workers, or 1 per cent of the Icelandic working population, will change with the same salary but reduced to four days a week.

The researchers point out that after doing so, the productivity of most workplaces has not changed, or even improved.

Workers in the trial reported that they felt less stress, a lower risk of job burnout, and improved health and work-life balance.

Will Strange, research director of the British think tank Autonomy, said: "this study shows that the world's largest experiment in the public sector in reducing weekly working hours has been a great success in all respects."

"it shows that the time is ripe for the public sector to take the lead in introducing shorter working weeks-and other governments can learn from it."

According to the report, the experiment also led to the re-negotiation of the work system among trade unions. Eighty-six percent of Iceland's workforce has either switched to shorter hours with the same pay, or will have the right to do so, the researchers said.

A series of similar pilot systems are under way in other parts of the world, including Spain and Unilever in New Zealand.

Spain is experimenting with a four-day week in some companies, in part because of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic. Unilever in new Zealand is also giving employees the opportunity to participate in the pilot system, cutting their working hours by 20%, but their pay remains the same.

I think if we only work four days a week, then we will have enough time to I read a study a long time ago that showed how productivity the people we love, and I read a study a long time ago that showed how productivity, efficiency, and concentration starts to drastically dwindle after around the 6th hour of work. I am not pro-capitalism. I'm just saying.

One for fun, one for chores, one for rest. You can imagine how much pleasure such a day will bring to my life. It can even be said that if this mechanism is implemented all over the world, I think people's pace of life will become slower, everyone will have more time to think about their own life and fun, and the world will become

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