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New digital terrestrial: here is the test to understand if we will have to change TV

New digital terrestrial: here is the test to understand if we will have to change TV

As of September 2021, many televisions will no longer be able to receive the new television signal. In fact, the standard of TV broadcasting changes and only compatible devices will continue to work.

TVs purchased from 2019 onwards are almost certainly compatible while those purchased before 2010 are definitely not.

It must be considered that any decoders purchased in the past for the first transition to digital terrestrial follow the same rules and are very likely not compatible with the new generation.

How to find out if your TV or decoder needs to be changed?
In general, you can tune into channel 200 (Mediaset test channel) or 100 (Rai test channel): if you see a static screen with the words "Test HEVC Main10", then you can rest assured: your TV will receive the new signal TV even after the transition to the new technology is completed.

If, on the other hand, when going to channels 200 and 100, nothing is displayed (a black screen or channels 200 and 100 are not even tuned) then the TV in question may not be enabled for the new standard.

Before rushing to buy a new device, it is a good idea to retune all the channels and then try to go back to channel 200 or 100. At this point four things can happen:

The words “Test HEVC Main10” appear on channels 200 and 100. In this case the TV is enabled for the new signal.
Channels 200 and 100 do not tune. This can be due to many factors, not least the fact that the test channels may not be received, but in the worst case scenario also that the television may not be enabled.
Channels 200 and 100 are received but are occupied by another broadcaster. In this case it is worth trying to redo the tuning.
Channels 200 and 100 are received but the screen remains black. In this case we are sure that the TV does not support the HEVC Main10 standard.

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